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Healthier lifestyle choices, nutritional healing, fitness, running, walking etc.

<wide grin> Moroccan.

Maghreb is the name of the country/region in Arabic. It essentially means ‘sunset’ or ‘the land of the setting sun’. Like Japan is known as the land of the rising sun throughout Asia & the pacific rim, Maghreb is known throughout Northern Africa / Middle East / much of Europe.
Hmmmmm very interesting! Thank you Friday
Hiya @Defaultxlovee, what on God's earth is that prehistoric animal in your avatar picture??!!! 🤣
Im so glad you asked. It's a huge turtle I helped across the road. It looked like an alligator turtle I can't think of any other name for it. He was so large and old. Cool creature. Editing to add that I remember specifically being touched by that moment because a lot of other people watched as this old man and helped it across the road and I remember feeling connected positively.
My happy late dinner


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I did some yard work ! Feel stronger

Editing to add: does anyone else feel like when they exercise, it can easily tip to being too much exertion to the point of a flashback? What can you share about that? Thanks.