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Healthier lifestyle choices, nutritional healing, fitness, running, walking etc.

I started going outside more often every day for a walk if not just to go to the store regardless of how things are out there every day temperature wise because just having that extra space benefits me a lot, especially on a ay when everyone is around. I also created a private place online for myself with a lot of different journals on it for various topics I can keep up on because gettting down my thoughts and progress on things week to week is also a big help.
dandyblend coffee replacement cuts caffiene withdrawal and tastes enough like coffee for my mom who loves coffee
I like tea better but the taste of coffee doesnt bother me.

it also stimulates a lot of health I am too tired to share it all just a posting maniac right now trying to cope
My goal today is to take a long walk with one of the dogs outside :) (I accidentally typed today twice so I guess its really important)
I drink this a few times a month when I'm really struggling with motivation.


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Made my simple vegetable soup, been putting it off as haven't had the spoons and I'm so glad I did I love it.
Today it was the usual onion carrot celery & leek with asparagus, runner beans & sweetcorn kernels.
Had a bowl and a banana and there's plenty left over

Been eating quite a bit of fruit, don't usually have much, it's helping me not binge. Grateful for it. Mostly having peaches nectarines, strawberries, raspberries & bananas.

Working on physio for my knee and gradually increasing my short walk each time.