How Did You Sleep Last Night?


I stopped taking my sleeping pills, and I actually slept without them. The only thing was the really weird dreams I was having and everyone from my past was in it. And there is plenty of them.
So I ended up dreaming about a lot of dead people, and people who have nothing more to do with me. The ones that are still alive, it's their loss not mine.
I keep having night-terrors lately. Its been a little over a month and I wake up screaming every night. I have scary dreams that turn very intense and I'll wake up screaming with my heart pounding and gasping for breath. I'm sure it has to do with my mortgage crisis, my dad's health problems, and my marriage falling apart. Too much stress.
I think I shall be asking to borrow KP's teddy :)


Had insomnia for a while,now sleeping a bit better however having nightmares everynight. Last night was decomposing dead bodies...I am afraid to sleep tonight for fear of more nightmares. Hubby suggested a sleeping pill tonight and think I will as not on call tonight.


Poorly. I went to see the latest Twilight film yesterday. It's only a 12 rating and it caused me nightmares last night. I am betting than I was with sleep and nightmares but I still get spells of 'what goes in comes straight out' in my dreams.

Since finishing therapy I find it really hard when I get a night like last night. I feel like I need to tell someone to sort of get rid of it. It rattles me for the whole day.