How do I not blame myself?

A realistic understanding of what is & is not my fault, as well as the nuanced & various shadings therein, and their appropriate weights.

For example? Is it a bank’s fault if they are robbed? What if they’re right by 3 freeway entrances, a port, airport, & train station? Worse? Only have 1 armed guard, or none, AND an antiquated security system. If they didn’t WANT to be robbed, they wouldn’t be in such a vulnerable location/condition. They’re just begging for it, right? So much so that no one who robbed them would actually be charged with a crime.

That’s not how fault works, is it?

No matter how plum the target, it’s the person who robs the bank who… robbed the bank.

Some things? Are legit my fault, and I am 100% to blame.
Some things? I am partly at fault, and share the blame.
Some things? Are not my fault, but are someone else’s.
Some things? Are no one’s fault.
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