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@Chris-duck – it isn't legal in the UK.

Although the age of consent for sex here is 16, it is illegal for a teacher to engage in a sexual relationship with a pupil under the age of 18 who is at their school (even if they do not teach them themselves and even if the pupil is consenting). This comes under the Abuse of Trust section of the Sexual Offences Act.

A teacher here could, of course, have a sexual relationship with a 17 year old who goes to a different school – because then they are simply considered two consenting adults over the age of 16 in the eyes of the law. Because the other stuff that makes it inappropriate/abusive isn't present in that relationship.

A pupil in the teacher's own school though? It's not just simply about the pupil's age and whether they are above the age of consent or not – it is about the unequal nature of the relationship, the specific dynamic that exists between teacher/pupil and the fact that the teacher is in a position of trust and authority.

More on sexual consent and positions of trust (UK) here:
By the time the police get involved, the boy in this story is 18.
The teacher would still legally be on the hook for the sex they had when he was 17. Hopefully it would mean prison time, although in the USA we generally don't send our female perps to jail.
The teacher in the show never goes to jail, although she is rightfully blackballed from teaching again.