I would definitely look into trans support groups. When I transitioned (ftm) it helped me a lot. I am glad your inner circle has been supportive. It's hard and some people never get it, but it's a relief to be your true self. Hang in there.
I'm sorry that is her position. Maybe with more time she will soften. Maybe it isbthebend of the relationship but there can still be a healthy relationship. Maybe she needs time.

And you can't live a lie to make someone else happy, as both of you will know it is a lie and It will likely tear you apart anyways.
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Relationship doesn't look good. Which is crap as I really had no intention of ending this Relationship.
What you want is not reflective of what your wife wants. Your wife is obviously not gay, she wants a man, not a man wanting to be a woman. No issues. You do you and let her do her. You can't expect the relationship to survive because of your need to transition. Your body is telling you what you want, her body is telling her what she wants. Neither align with each other, which is one founding part of any sexual relationship, ie. marriage. She never signed up to marry a woman, or a man wanting to be a woman, so you really can't expect anything but this reality from her.

Disbanding your relationship should not be your core focus, just get it out of the way and accept it, so you can focus on getting your self identity sorted and thus the rest of your life.