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No income until October

So what I was afraid of happened- not my 'confirmed' weekly income for sometime in the next 10 days, became a monthly project again.
Meaning, because of that I do not get paid from my main client until October 6th.
If I were to get a local job, though they are paid monthly, sometimes they pay always on the same date, such as 1st- so first of October.

Any other confirmed income I have is about 20$ per week with lots of work, first payout not before next Friday.
Had to do the unthinkable and ask from help from parents for the trip as I must travel. Though I asked for one way, who knows what will happen now.

I can't get local side jobs (paid by day, such as cleaning or something such) until I'm back- so starting 17th earliest.
So new freelance clients, taking tests/bidding on jobs, and online shop efforts just because my full time job in the midst of having dental issues, depression, triggering trip....

I know this all seems a little bit like 'oh well, it's just a month'- but I still have rent, utilities and debts to pay, this month. Trip aside. Dental expenses too so it doesn't become an infection though I may have to work out a plan with them if I have to do anything this week. Now I don't have to just believe in my abilities- I have to bet everything I have on it. I will make calendar of the next 8 weeks to mark expected incomes so I don't get lost. I will try to concentrate on 1 task at a time (1 listing for my shop rather than the big picture, 1 application at a time). My parents will think I'm a failure again and I'll have to swallow that because it's the price of their help. I'll have to act when I can and forgove myself for taking depressed breaks through the day. It is the situation.
And after the last days, I don't know if I have it in me to be scared. I mean I can be evicted, but any new place would need the same amount I need to that plus deposit, so ...Anyway, not going to think about that for now. Need to do my best of working with the depression and finding jobs/making online shop work a bit...
I feel you. My partner and I spent the last three months scrambling to scrape together enough for rent. We ended up having to get another roommate to help make expenses easier to manage.
I have no income either. I am disabled but haven’t been approved for SSI yet. I was getting $100 a week from my mom but earlier this summer my dad f*cked up his job and it tightened her finances by a lot and she had to stop sending me money several months ago. I got Food Stamps to help keep groceries in the house, and I was looking into all kinds of other assistance and charity programs trying to find out if we’d qualify for any of them and be able to get rent and utilities paid more easily. A lot of areas started offering emergency rental assistance during Covid lockdowns and the one in my area is still open. They just only accept applications for assistance from people who have already received an eviction notice. So we couldn’t go to them except as a last resort. And the utility aid programs in my area don’t start til the fall when it begins getting colder (they have a summer program as well but it runs out of funds very quickly each year, the only months they can guarantee aid are November and December, it’s such bullshit!). And on top of all this, my partner has been getting his wages garnished for a college debt (not a loan, they owed money to the college when they dropped out that they never paid off). They finally called about it when they tried garnishing his bank account and set up a payment plan that’s way more manageable than what they were doing with the garnishing.
It’s so stressful trying to manage your life without any money. I’m completely dependent on my partner and it’s terrifying because the last time I was in a situation like this I got dumped for being a leech and kicked out of the apartment we had paid equal amounts for (I was easily confused at that time and the person dumping me convinced me they had actually paid way more for the apartment over the 6 months we were living there).
It’s good you have a plan! Keeping track of all the money you know should be coming in will help you know when you can make payments on things. The dentist’s office should be willing to make a payment plan with you so you can get that paid off without it cutting into your budget too much, and knowing when money is coming in can help you confidently negotiate an amount and which day each month you’ll make payments. A lot of utility companies are also willing to alter the due date of your bills to make them easier to pay. Perhaps you can get your bills spread out over the whole month so you have time to collect more funds for the next bill?
I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. It’s awful trying to survive in a capitalist society without much money. I wish you all the luck in the world in finding clients so you can afford all the things you have to pay for. And I hope you have a safe trip!