One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

A thank you card from a nine year old that is grateful I let her play with my pony. She said my ‘kindness and smile brighten her life’ - so cute !

She helps me so much as I have not the energy right now to do much myself and she and her capable mother are doing it for me - I will try and get energy up to make her a thank you card in return !
I eat virtually everything with a teaspoon @Friday .. 🤪😊i

My relative bought a jacket same color and size as mine. Yesterday my b-i-l (who is very funny) said he saw a small girl with long hair and jacket on neighbour's lawn, thought it was me and shouted, "(Name) Get your as* in the house and get off that jacket!" 😊 Said he was going to say "Get over here, am going to put you over my knee!" 🤣
A nice letter from CRA saying my disability tax credits for the last 10 years had been approved. So now the crazy red tape part and my paperwork is off to another department to figure out how much.....
That it only took 3 weeks for them to do what they said would take 8 to 20 weeks and process my refund. 🥳🥳🎉🎉