One Thing That Made You Smile Today?

Today it was a little dog wearing a Christmas sweater. It was on the same bus as me and it barked at another dog outside and then barked at some gulls further down the road 😄 Its owner was cuddling it on the seat 🙂
How my wife doesn't understand cats sometimes. Missy is enthralled with a snow globe my wife out out as a decoration. She showed it to her - and instead of putting it on the floor so Missy could explore and get her curiosity out she set it today, its on the floor, so Missy can play with it and satisfy her curiosity...

That old saying is so true ...... curiosity killed the cat - satisfaction brought it back......
Oops missed edit ^^. Morphed into the one , Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me.

Also, someone playing a radio on the bus, people talking in different languages, some guy saying an Our Father and Hail Mary out loud. Everyone happy and respectful. Like a party bus. Good tunes too !
Yesterday everyone was so kind and helpful, and for a weird reason 3 or 4 wanting to go on a date/ socialize. I am expanding my theory of being asked out is directly inversely proportional to wanting to be, to now also include I think sales clerks are attracted to women who shop fast, lol. Maybe they think she knows what she wants Idk haha. Or relief it's a fast sale. Or maybe my own relief dentist trip #2 was over. What also made me laugh was I was coming from the dentist early, and no sleep, and all I could think of at the same time was I could easily reverse this in 2 dates if I came with my face still unfreezing 🤪 lol. I could scare a few. That's next week.

I think a lot of people feel sad and lonely this year. That doesn't make me smile though.
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