One Thing That Made You Smile Today?


Had a bad panic attack on Saturday because of my neighbor's loud sound system, and still worried it will happen again. BUT somehow being able to let go a little of the fear... my friend helped me out with it. TY 😚😚😚 universe for giving me someone who I could lean on.


This month’s new moon card for me is 2 of swords which means facing a big decision. Today I asked the tarot “What two things do I need to choose from”. Answer: Letting go of addictions (devil reversed) or being an intuitive mystic (high priestess).

Pros and cons of letting go of addiction? Pro: Intimacy (2 of cups). Con: Moving to a new place (6 of swords).

Pros and cons of being an intuitive mystic? Pro: Being a perfectionist homebody (knight of coins reversed). Con: Over commitment (2 of coins reversed).

Laughing that being a perfectionist homebody is a pro— trauma parts of me absolutely hold that as a goal and want to be a psychic who stays in her cave. But is that really where I want to direct my life this go-round?