Process around diagnosis for PTSD/Depression


I have been asked before. I usually just say I was sexually abused without any details. I have also been asked who the abuser was, but I think this was really for my own protection just to make sure I'm out of danger, which I am.
When I told my doctor I had PTSD because I wanted him to prescribe me certain meds, he did ask me for details. I told him point-blank that it was a domestic violence/sexual abuse situation, because that was the truth and I thought he should know because of the specific meds I wanted him to prescribe.

I didn't go into any other details such as what my ex specifically used to do to me. That's knowledge my therapist needs, not my doctor or anyone else. I think using labels like DV, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, etc. are helpful for giving to people who need to know generally what happened, but who don't need details.
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my id doc does know the broad strokes. any gp i've seen on an outpatient basis did not. therapist knows broad ish strokes. (but more than the md/s.)

t reffed me to psych so idk what that will detail. if they do ask i will almost certainly tell them it's none of their business.

a gp may not be the best person to dx ptsd and they may refer you out anyway. ime gps are worth a bucket of salt. 💁‍♂️


No. Just got refered to the mental health nurse, then the Trick Cyclist, mental health nurse again, then my T.

My doctor did ask later abut my trauma. I gave her the basic outline, trigger location. Just what she needs so I don't loose it during visits.


took them 19 years to give me my PTSD diagnosis, and I've been in the system since I was 9.

Been misdiagnosed with both Bipolar and Borderline personality disorder, then while my health was heavily declining due to untreated trauma it got acknowledged.
I'm going through talk therapy for now, but getting trauma therapy soon. I was going to get EDMR treatment, but had to cancel due to insufficient funds (big bill out of nowhere) wish I could share my experience, but I've heard a lot of good things.

I'm still at the start, so all the way at the bottom of the pit, if that makes any sense. But I have a little more hope to cling onto, getting to know what's "wrong" with me, and knowing that I'm getting real help for it.

At first I was a little reluctant about my diagnosis, but I had a gut feeling for quite a while now, about what it was anyways.
Now that I have accepted my diagnosis, I'm reading up on it, educating myself on me. My home life w my SO is more stable than it was a month ago.

If there's one tip I can give: if you feel like your therapist doesn't take you seriously, or they are giving you an off vibe after a session or two, "fire" them and move on if you can. I wasted so much time with terrible T's that would constantly invalidate my feelings and tell me to get over it. Not saying that ALL T's are terrible, Iv'e just had terrible luck with them personally. But when you find the right one, shit get's done, trust me.

I hope you find the courage to get help. And regardless of it being ptsd or not, you and your feelings and trauma are all valid ❤