PTSD and The Job Search

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Nam, with the jobs... Well still will be working on selling livestock from the home and shipping fertile eggs. Doesn't really cover feed for the animals. I was tinkering with the thought of work but I cant stand people and there is no way I could handle the stress of my old job.

I was skimming the ads and came across one I could do if I could get out of the house. Maybe in December when litle one starts daycare to give me time alone I may go looking for it again. But the ad simlply stated someone to clen kennels and have common sense. LOL, I can clean up crap and have a brain. And deal with animals and not people? Woohoo!

But it is a crap job in the literal sense but if I can get myself out of the home at least part time may do me some good. And that would be the whole point. But I am seeing it will be a while before I can probably deal with people coming to my home to buy animals.

Still doing baby steps.
Nam, I think your artwork has a lot more worth than maybe you think! Maybe, just maybe, you might want to consider giving a few pieces a go at an online auction and even announcing it through a press release or the like to help get the auction going. When I finally get around to building the shop onto here, you will be more than welcomed to put any pieces in there for purchase from yourself.
Nam, I agree with Anthony. I haven't seen your art, but I'm sure it's good if your friends want to commission you! You could have a career in art. I was taking illustration in university, before I dropped out, so I have been considering similar things. And with the internet, you can sell to people all over the world! That would be so cool. :)
Thank you for your awesome comments. I have the hardest time selling myself to others. I just don't think I'm worthy of getting paid. It's something I have to work on. Eighteen years of being told that art has no value in my life, to get a "real" job, etc. It'll take some serious soul searching to get up the nerve to open shop. Thank you for your support though. It brings tears to my eyes.
Nam, after I said I hadn't seen your art, I happened to notice some of it on the site... it's awesome. The wall murals are fantastic... those are really becoming "in" again, at least where I live. Especially for children's rooms, doctor's offices, etc. And in my city there are many outdoor murals on buildings, park benches, school fences, etc, to deter vandalism. I think you could get some of that market... just have to figure out how to advertise yourself... which I don't know much about. But I do know that your work is really great, so you should definitely have confidence!
I am really happy with the job that I have. It's the first time in years. It's just that I am wiped out when I get home. I have to work myself up to taking the dogs out since my husband usu gets home after I do. His father is coming in tomorrow and I am anxious about cleaning up the house after a long day. I haven't been sleeping soundly at night. I will need to get sleeping pills as I don't want to take trazadone or seroquil again. I wake up chanting with some shaking and wonder how I will get through the day AND then function at home. Work has always been a hiding place for me. Coming home brings a greater level of reality to where I'm at personally and mentally. Alot to juggle. Thoughts of self harm but haven't. I am looking forward to payday though I feel a little overwhelmed by the bills that need to be paid. What do I pay first and how much so the lights stay on. Tired, tired and more triggered lately.
Hey y'all,
This was a good tread topic in my opinion because it is one of a number of things that distresses me. I have a degree, certification and I'm licensed as a clinical laboratory tech. This was the only thing I was ever skilled at. Now, I'm unemployed due to my problems with PTSD and depression. My license is due to be renewed in January and the first question they ask is "Had or do you suffer from any illness in the past year that could reasonably affect your work?" HELL YEAH!! Besides not being able to concentrate and multitask as I used to, I don't work well with people either. It hurts that my wife slaves at Walmart to make 1/4 the salary I have the potential to make-if I was well. I pondered a lot over what type of employment I could be successful at, but when depression hits-I am almost catatonic on the couch or bed... so it wouldn't even matter if I owned my own business or worked from home.
hey mac, what about when there is not bad depression? if you worked from home, you could be productive then. i find that keeping busy helps me with depression, of course i am on med, too. i worked at walmart for a little while part of one yr. when i homeschooled my youngest, and believe me, she is slaving! you won't be on that couch or bed forever, after you heal. so, take the time you need now, and do the rest when you're better.
I think jobs has a lot to do with our ptsd. Where can we find a place that pays the bills, where yu can feel, safe and comfortable, where you can find job satisfaction.

Seriously considering changing jobs as work environment is a cesspool of industrial stress and low moral for all. I was always very hard worker up till factory wore me out like an old machine. Am on modified job duties and if I stay will be stuck on the job forever, (glorified janitor), do get a break as back up for two QA people in my department sometimes

Still can't go back due to PTSD, not to mention the stress of the gossip and rumors from my recent traumas, troubles with hubs, and resentment for being modified/light duty employee by the full duty people.

Caught between the pay cheques/benefits which are good or changing careers as always was career oriented. PTSD indecision has always been worst enemy, that and the subconsious "always have to suffer some how just put up with it mentality" which I am trying to conquer.

Really ready for a change, really want job satifaction and time for my farm,
our hours are brutal especially this time of year. Turkey plant 6% of world's meat market comes from our plant. Thanksgiving and Christmas are brutal
9-7pm even 8 at time and weekends to boot.

Too much when a 10 min walk right now kills me physically and on job I have to be on feet and walk constantly.

Hubs can't handle bills alone and my time running out money wise so have to s*** or get off the pot.
Jobs are especially interesting. I need a second job to pay my bills, but I'm still in school, so it has to be part-time. The hard part is, because of PTSD, I can't work retail because I was doing that during my time of Hell, and I can't bring myself to work it again. :wall: So far, the only job I can handle with any stability is groundskeeping, which is absolutely great i.e. very little stress at all, but pays beans. I gotta figure something out before Jan. 1 as that is when I have to start paying my own health insurance.:crybaby:Why does adult life have to be so hard?
we all seem to have a lot in common concerning working. i've not worked for 17mths now, because of ptsd, but have always felt the pressure from me to work, even though if i'm honest i wasn't capable of. i've kinda fallen into the trap of setting a loose time frame to get back into work, reaching that time, not working, and then failing, tormenting myself with what i thought at the time was a realsitic time frame eg, 3-4months and with each failure as time goes on just re-emphases in me that i've failed, that i should be handling things better and should just be getting on with it. i just want to, need to work, only my ptsd instincts get in the way of it, the two just don't match up. It's so frustrating.
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