Reasons to live / things you want to do


I have lots of music in me that needs to get out, and there is many many times more thats out that I want to get in.
Have you ever been to the edge of the grand canyon? Seen a birth? That kind of awesomeness that makes you and the people around you lose all sense of competition, self-importance, everything except wow! This is fickung great!
Thats what I want and need, concerts are a good place to look, I miss them. I want to stick around to get more of that thing I miss. I want to stand by a huge geyser and look across at the faces of the people on the other side of the circle and see that "wow!" cause it gives me more wow than water in the air ever will. I want to hear a thousand people fall silent in awe of the musicality of the moment and the link it opens to the "wow!' that is always here, you were missing it, there it goes, follow along...


Im not much of a baker but I bought a bundt cake pan. My kitchen is under construction for past month. Will be another month, but can't wait to try a couple new recipes. Funny what makes you happy when you hit your sixties. Many things I cant do like I use to, so I will replace them with new ones. I want to be a survivor of this pandemic and that means being happy in my home.


I have the skills and the drive to make a really comfortable life for myself. I'm putting in the work right now, so I want to enjoy the outcome. My reason is that everything won't suck forever.

Oh, and I want a second dog


A holiday. Possibly a bit of an idiosyncratic one. To include some nice scenery, lots of food sampling, some activities, maybe art stuff, see some beautiful architecture too. A swimming pool. A beach, to hear the waves crashing on the shore, and maybe to see a sunset from. None of this sitting around on hot sand nonsense. Some easy social interaction.

Will have to think what else I want.