Reasons to live / things you want to do


It would be great to help others in our position, learn to play a song on the guitar, fly a paramotor, have my own cabin or place by audible water, build that audio system, feel more independence again, realize my worth, come to know a more regulated fulfilling life around others that care, to see what becomes of my nephew. To see my sister get the help she needs and when needed be there for her because I know what the f*ck.


Reasons to live are because....
I deserve a good life before I die;
I want to learn the fun things in life I didn't have to opportunity to learn:
I want to travel to new places and see new inspiring things,
I want to believe there is hope for a more healthy world-and contribute my little piece to make it better,
I want to go out of this world with friends and people who really love me....atnd memories I can recall of a happier time in my life....which I can recall that make me smile.....

so, all of this takes time.....and my years are limited....why couldn't the pandemic have struck in about 10 years, when I'm moving much slower? Think positive.....vaccine....

Rani G2

Teasel, your Aubergine dish sounds nice..

i think about that yet but i can think of some things I'd like to do.

Words like hope dont appear on my horizon much, but as you say, what I like to Do and what might be exciting to Do or learn is more tempting..

Liking excercises, hopping around on tree logs, building strength
Eating good food
Learning japanese
I also like to Do scare tactics on others.. I check if they have heart diseases before doing so..


Learn to approach decisions about what I want to do from a perspective of joy & self compassion rather than the rather extreme chorification and shouldness that I seem to go to automatically.

It's no wonder I rebel against my efforts to get myself to do things if I'm trying to beat myself up and take all the joy out of every thing.

I don't actually want to be a miserable self hating task machine innit!


Even tho my son chose to die, I do not want to die. I want to continue on this path I have worked so hard for. I don't want to have to fight dysregulation every day until I die.

I want to create my best art. My best sculptures. My best handwork with yarn and thread. I want to create things to give to people to remember my by.

I don't want to be sad every day for the rest of my life. I want to make things happen and be my own hero.


Reasons to live:
the birds that I see flying around are so beautiful and funny creatures. For the first time in my life I have seen a Pelican. I love this creature. This makes me smile. A bird that is so goofy looking and so graceful in flight.
This is a reason to live. To explore and learn new things.
So I guess for me a reason to live is to have a relationship with animals and connect to nature in this way. Connect with the divine, or God.
Trips I want to take to foreign countries is another reason to live. I want to explore and learn more. I need more time on Earth. This is why I live. Why I endure pain.

We are very much the same....I'm nature connected, connected to the universe, and am a traveler at heart as well. My ability to travel to all my planned places squelched....but I have hope that I will reconnect with those travel plans next year.


I fancy living somewhere i can be closer to nature in some way. Maybe still in a city but on the outskirts, or next to a park or something. Bit of a fancy for seeing more sky from my window as well as trees still. Maybe a flat higher up or something.


Haha, I just read my post from about a year ago. I remember writing it vaguely. That’s not what I want now. If the general direction could continue, I’d be happy. I like making others happy. The last couple turns were good. I like the way things went. I want some more of that. It’s enough of a reason to live if I can keep on doing it. : )