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today sucks. I relapsed with my self-harm and I don't even know why I did it. Today wasn't particularly bad, yet here I am. I'm so f*cking angry at myself and everyone else. I feel it in my bones and it won't f*cking stop. I'm so angry and depressed. Is this life worth living? I don't know. I need help to do basic things. I'll always need help with basic things. What's the point? Sorry if this is triggering
Sounds like you just discovered the reasons you self harmed.

You’re still fighting. That doesn’t always, or even often, look pretty.
Yeah I'm between therapists at the moment and I think that it's a major reason I'm having such a rough time right now
Yeah, I'm just disappointed to be so disabled. It's frustrating not remembering to do basic things like bathing and eating. I feel like an intelligent person but I'm trapped in this body and mind that's broken.
Welcome to the club...........But when you find the help you need - it isn't for forever....