The “I don’t want to get out of bed” type of depression - what helps?


Short answer, nothing. I want to say hi anyway. I really feel good today. Hi tide raises all boats. When I was really depressed, anything I looked at just made me more depressed. Drugs helped a lot but I wasn’t able to control it, and eventually, when it wasn’t working so well anymore, I nearly managed to get out that way. But I didn’t, so I’m here writing you . For suicidal depression I do recommend meds, but that is totally dependent on supervision and that’s another crap shoot. The doctors were trying to help kill me, at least if you ask my wife she’d say that.

All that said I hope you feel better. I do. If I can you can and I’m not suggesting you do anything except hang on, and know others are thinking of you and hoping for you.


I had the same problem when I lost many loved ones and had financial problems. Her advice is to be gentle with myeslf and if I just get up and one tiny thing like making coffee or whatever to feel good. I did pass. My son got me a little Yorkie puppy who is the love of my life and a total clown with endless energy. I open one eye now and she starts jumping around so I know I have to hurry to get her outside before she has an accident. Then when she joyfully runs in circles and is so happy to be alive. It picks up my spirits. Also I have a farm and the horses will start bellowing in the barn to to be let out and then getting hay and taking care of chickens gets me going. It has been very hard with the Covid. I have a very serious heart condition and already had Covid once so I am paranoid about going anywhere because people don't wear masks. Hope this helps. Yorkies are the best service dogs for people with depression.

Still Standing

Struggling with this deeply at the moment. What helps?
Hi, Justmehere! I have a vivacious chihuahua/dachshund mix dog that wakes in the morning like he owns the world and all in it. Since I sleep in his domain...on a firm couch in the living room... he jumps on me like an ear of popping corn each morning until I get up to feed him. Once up and dressed, then I force myself to walk the dog, making myself to ajdjust to living in another day. Having to get out of bed to feed the pup is my motivator. You want to borrow him? I could use a few days off!?.

Seriously though, depression sucks. Sometimes that desire to stay in bed and hope that sleep protects one from the pressures of the world is all-consuming. All I know is that I have to continue to choose to get out of bed or the pets are going to starve. Their needs override my own. They help me to keep moving on.


I'm sorry you've been struggling with getting out of bed and moving through each day. I definitely know how that feels and how difficult it is. I've been feeling like that lately, for sure, and COVID stress has kicked my butt for months (I'm in the US).

I've started listening to music more. When I was going through serious, deep depression, I didn't really listen to music much for YEARS. I do not recommend that! lol
I find that if I'm sad / happy / angry / unsure of what I'm feeling, listening to music that matches my mood really really helps. A lot of people don't like doing that, but you have to figure out what works best for you and do that. It sounds odd, but listening to sad music when I'm sad makes me feel better! I cry or just identify with what the singer is saying or the mood of the music, and it just helps me so much.

I hope you start to feel better soon!

(Edit: If you like parodies and silly songs, Weird Al Yankovic never ceases to put a smile on my face!)


Struggling with this deeply at the moment. What helps?

I want to tell you you are not alone....sadly, I don't know-have a similar issue. But then, there was a neat MY PTSD thread about a canoe's new. I was able to imagine going on a trip with my daughter.....and I joined that thread-which will last a few days....I need a diversion, too. I did get up to shell crabs, and check crab pots....but today has been rainy and depressing. Better luck tomorrow.