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This is the kind of day…

Isn't this true everyday? 😂
LOL, I thought that before I read your response.

I'm back from my trip a wow it was amazing. I cried because I'm was sad but also over come with joy. Got to see my favorite movie of all time on Broadway The Lion King.i should have bought tissues since I cried so much at the show. I'm amazed at myself caused I used the bus and Metro down there even though I get lost easy. I know I can travel by myself and be fine and have fun. I have always been sad on my birthday and this trip was no expectation but I still had so much fun. I had to not think of my birthday so much and just focus on why I went but it was a good time. Now I understand why people love to travel.
So sooo cool! Kudos to you :)
Job is having a pot luck and and I don't have the energy to run to the store and get something. Told most people one day before so I'm so my best to good to the store.