What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

Well so far so good, touch wood: pup is responding to zero tolerance verbally, provided ONLY you ~mean it/ ~feel it. Exhausting for me to rouse anger. Not out of control anger but maybe rather convey real displeasure, vs saying sternly just what 'should' be said. But they know if you're faking and it makes no impression whatsoever if you're (I'm) divorced from my feelings. She is way too smart to not have the boundaries, she understands enough at this stage. She is already doing things like opening door knobs way over her head with 2 paws. And of course she feels better for it, since if you're not going to lead she thinks it's her job. Not time for marshmallowness, and I definitely am way too much marshmallow. And way too much spoiling too early. And not enough sleep. And obedience, obedience, obedience (goes without saying of course, as does exercise, especially walking). And also over-excitable, so peace and calm, downregulation, structure, security. Hope it is as effective as so far seems. She is very very smart, and stubborn. Yet can be remarkably gentle too.

Got a bday to get ready for very shortly, hope gifts come on time too.

Have to get my payroll done. Pup grabbed it 2 days ago on a break away, lucky didn't eat it, just one hole. Dog could have eaten my homework! 🙄
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