What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

Two years since my sister died on the 15th, no service and not buried. Disturbs me. But frightening to think of seeing other sister. She just sold her house.

Not sure why I am here either?

Thankful for a break at work, re particular call. So far anyway.

Mr Canis

It crossed my mind today, have I made any progress at all, or am I fooling myself? Was not sure.
Was just reminded of a yellow candle, and a flashlight, and a book. Yes I have, much since then. Grateful. Humbled. Reminded.
I have been thinking similar- flashbacks/ nightmares / poor sleep having to revisit with Dr and change of meds / because I was recently triggered - that said it hasn’t lasted and has subsided quicker than in the past- the volume is a bit lower - I really get when you said Grateful Humbled and yea reminded- thanks