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What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

I'm too excited to sleep in anticipation of seeing what, if anything, the trail cam captures overnight. Feeling like a kid waiting to go to the amusement park. It's our first time setting one up, so I'm hoping we chose a good angle. If not, may there at least be some humor in our choice.
Woo. :wideeyed: Was working outside in the thunder, thinking of other things, heard a song on headphones accidentally and not afraid. Then a crack so near (I was facing it) I involutarily hit the ground in a ball. Came in, cried for my sister. Now torrential rain, some lightning. But 4 firetrucks and a rescue van with lights on now all nearly in front of my house, 1-3 doors down/ around. :wideeyed:
Yes, never thought of that as a 'right' @Ronin , or whatever is the word? :hug:

I would have to find it, but woke up to some video playing about how thoughts infused or fueled by trauma and core wounds cause most of the pain in people's lives. Not quite sure what to replace them with, though? For some people maybe that comes more naturally, or maybe it did for me once? (Faith, or optimism?)
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