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What Is On Your Mind Right This Second?

My co worker died, not sure if SI, Said suddenly and mental health issues. She was a real sweetheart. Only 26. :cry:

I understand better some things I didn't before. Not sure how helpful it is, since it raises other questions.

I am on my own.
I've learned things about several people, and their interactions together.

It shouldn't bother me to feel alone, I suppose I meant alone emotionally. But that is what I was used to. Suppose I know, each time, each grief, I seem to be less capable of managing.

I can bearly bear to see videos of sick relative. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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My C-pap is supposed to send sleep information to a website to be read and interpreted for health purposes but is not recording the last several hours of sleep for some unknown reason. I checked to make sure it was not in airplane mode and that it is fully plugged in, but the data is still missing. I wonder if my wifi connection is good. Anyways I am wondering what my sleep score is. Yesterday it was 94 out of 100 with only 3 apnea events.....which is a good score. I hope it continues and that is what's on my mind right now.
So there are a few people who, I wouldn’t go that far to say that they dislike me, but they find my character questionable. So My lesson for these few weeks: If you say something to some people, straightforwardly you must accept the consequences, No need to apologize if you don’t truly feel that way, no need to degrade them in your mind, no need to play games. They have their right to feel hurt. Leave it at that, work with what’s arising now. Other people are others with their individual struggles. This is hard as f***
Thank you @Ronin . :hug::hug:

My relatives.
Can I visit for a day?
More horrific stress they've started at work as of few days ago. :cry:
I think I have a lousy ulcer, and I had to lay on the bathroom floor in the early a.m. , felt pretty sick. I'm going to try to be more careful with OTC stuff.
my telehealth video deal with my psychiatrist in two hours. thinking about how I've been sleeping, my depression and meds. I still wake in the middle of the night but it's acceptable to me. I don't want to increase anything.
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