What Lays Ahead? Heart Condition

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Spoke to the cardiologist; as I had extensive and invasive surgery I need to slow down (thanks for already telling me that everyone :whistling:) and the breathing pain could be inflammation around the heart which sometimes occurs so he is seeing me on Friday.

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They just forgot to "properly prime your pump" before they sent you home. :D :oops:

Seriously, slow down, you are in a 25mph speed zone and doing 100mph (you have to do the conversion since my brain has an unwelcomed visitor and an intruder besides). :banghead: 3 times!

You do not want Anthony to not have is rock...no not the one he throws at you when he forgets to use his words! ;) :whistling:

Do you really want the doctors to have to install a zipper in your chest? :curious: :)

I guess it is back to using good old biofeedback on your heart to tell it who is in charge. :p :silly:

Please take good care of you and I am glad that you see the cardiologist on Friday...hopefully a more peaceful weekend with peace of mind.

Thinking of you with my half brain and hoping the humor helps.

Hugs :hug:,
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