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What would you choose?

Birds. I found out that there’s a Wikipedia page called “List of Individual Birds” (and similarly for individual dogs, cats, horses, and trees) but none for fish. Which makes me want to create my own list of individual fish. There would likely be a koi or two (oldest, most expensive), probably a goldfish (oldest, smartest), and then maybe some sharks that are well known, then maybe well-known aquarium fish worshipped as totems in China. I’m rambling again…

Cards or dice?

<grin> although my favorite restaurants don't technically HAVE patios? They "just" string up lights & place tables/chairs in the street, blocking traffic!

((Only tourists get confused by this...&/or ...don't know to look for mopeds when standing up from their table.))

Appetizers for dinner or Breakfast for dinner?
Appetizers for dinner.....makes me think of a favorite Italian place - Polpetta - large Parmesan infused Meatballs served in a pool of tomato sauce topped with a slice of bocconciini cheeses and Mozzerella Fritta, deep fried Mozzarella with Rose sauce and mixed greens AND Calamari Fritte Con Pepperone -deep fried calamari and roasted red peppers served with aioli mayo......... Yum yum.....

"Just chocolate" bars or Chocolate and ??? bars?