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Who was your hero today?

Every day for my entire life I have been my own hero. I had to be because there was no one else to fill the role. I grew up with examples of the kind of person I did NOT want to be. So, it is like with sculpting, I just cut away all the parts that were not what I wanted to be and was left with the kind of person I can be proud of. I have had to rescue myself from situations and difficulties that a lot of people would have given up on. I am my own hero as daft as that may sound.
More heroes: donkeys and a turkey who gave me as much love as I could take. If you ever get the chance to be hugged by a donkey, I recommend you take it. And sometimes turkey hens are unabashed in their adoration, a seemingly never ending stream of love.

Not sure if you ever heard about the emotional support turkey that became the representative of all that’s wrong with people who need ESA’s? “Emotional support turkey” became the eye roll that people (like me) would use to characterize people who can’t respect the rules. It was a case of a person on an airplane I believe.

Well, now that I know two turkey hens I understand how they could be emotional support animals. And I understand how they could be exceptional ESA’s. Our hand-raised hens do this thing where they will NOT stop adoring you, especially when you wear black (their feathers are black). It does seem to be a kind of mating submission but it is an amazing feeling when they follow you and lay down next to you. They just want to sit on your lap forever and be pet and they seem so appreciative and it feels so good when you’ve had a difficult day to have that stream of acceptance and engagement directed at you, and their weight on your lap and their warm little heads to kiss. It has brought me to tears before on a difficult day.

And donkeys are exceptionally emotional and needy for affection. They hug and push hard against your body and little love nips and it’s a wonderful feeling to be engaged in the back and forth pressure of love giving and receiving, especially with a warm fuzzy fragrant being.

And that’s my advertisement for turkey hens and donkeys! 😁
A dear friend who dropped off baked goods and my daughter who went on a walk with me today and said it was the best day of her life today.

Am alone now in the night and I have that wistful feeling of missing them both. Which I have to realize I wouldn’t feel if I didn’t have them in my life. What a strange and wonderful thing, attachment!