why do i feel like ending a perfectly healthy loving relationship?


Thanks @Freddyt , I think I meant the same, but you said it better.

And I like how you validated how hard you are working too, as you said, for her and both of you, and her appreciation of it, and the reciprocity you share. Sounds like you are a sweet match. 💞


I'm finally in a healthy, "normal " relationship that's loving and supportive, we never argue. And that's because we want the same things and if not we compromise. Anyway, I keep having urges to be mean to him for no reason and he hasn't done anything wrong. Sometimes I feel like breaking up with him, but I really don't want to because I love who he is and we get along so well... everything is just there that's good. I get frustrated. I am not sure if this is self-sabotage or intrusive thoughts/feelings... ??? II have no idea. Please help.
Because YOU don’t want to Remeber your last! Love ignites the bad from your past. Love heals all