"Why don't you just stop self injuring?"


I used to self-harm (I was a cutter), and I struggled to stop but what worked for me, I don't think will necessarily work for you. I was told that any positive behavior that I wanted to use could be a substitute for self-harm, so I made a list of other positive things I could do instead and began to practice them. For me, it worked, but as we well know, what works for one person may not work for someone else. I hope tho that you will soon find a way to stop!!!


Zero self injury for the past week. No urges even. No pushy therapist and meds somewhat better on board. My doc reassured me that it’s ok to take adhd meds to stop “harmful impulsive behaviors” ... that’s the best I could phrase it. Plenty of stressors this week. I can’t really explain it except meds.