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For the record (f*ck I’m old, moment) ... It is HIGHLY disturbing to see someone you knew as a super fun / totally cool 4-8yo as a smoking hot WOWZA 19yo 😳

Like... brain breaking.

I’m not sure what the f*ck to do with myself.

...aaaaaand all of a sudden? A helluva lot of comments my parents friends we hadn’t seen in 10 or 15 years (military family) used to make, make sense. As well as the blokes I banged 20+ years older than I was. f*ck me. It is WEIRD on the old side of the fence.


Hi everybody, I am lurking about trying to get caught up with my forum friends and I wanted to say Hello!!! I had an outpatient procedure done yesterday, which required 2 shots of Lidocaine and a scalpel. I am tender and sore but no longer feeling sick. Seems I had an infection that was in danger of getting into my bloodstream and was given antibiotics. So anyways I went to bed early because of exhaustion but got my sleep out and that is why I am up at 4 a.m. Anyway, I hope all are doing well. Peace, Lion


Hi everyone! How's it going? I'm alright, though disappointed my therapist never showed up today. I haven't heard back from her either.
I hate when they do that! My present T doesn't do that. I have to cross a state line in order to see him, but I don't mind it. He's worth it.