Chat, check-in, and hang out

Actually planning on moving to a different state. I moved to where I'm at now thinking I would like it and that it would be a better place for me, turns out I hate it and the people I live with and I desperately want to go back someplace near my previous location. Live and learn I guess, heavy on the learning lol....
It certainly is! I've moved sooo many times throughout my life though, I think the only thing about it that really bothers me anymore is all the stupid paperwork stuff that has to be done when I get to the new place. I get to be alone and watch the scenery pass when I travel, so that part is easy. Really tired of committing my life to paperwork though.

I've had some low energy days lately and for me they seem to be connected to diet. If I can avoid dairy (so hard!) my energy levels are fine. If I give in to that temptation though, I get sluggish and tired quick.