Chat, check-in, and hang out


Well…. I’ll chat with myself, I suppose. Asked T for an emergency session and she is booked solid until 5 which is when I work, so that’s fun times. Is it an emergency? Not really, but the thing that really sets me off is imagining my child in college. So college orientation is tomorrow. I thought I was fine this time because I survived the last child going off to college. Monday session we just dealt with anxiety stuff and functioning with the state wide open now. Forgot about this college thing until last night I felt a sense of impending doom about my child. Today I woke up with bad anxiety. Then the flashbacks started rolling in. Both emotional and visual. It’s all back, at once. I didn’t expect this.


@Survivor3 this is more of a trauma ptsd thing for me than basic anxiety. It doesn’t matter that she’ll go to a different school and it’s 29 years ago. Colleges typically look the same in many ways which is like walking into a trigger factory while remaining positive and excited for her so that she’ll have an easy transition. Right now, all I feel is dizzy.


A little cold and lonely, anyone want to join me?
You, me, margaritas poolside in the… IDFK, what’s a tropical island with hotels likely to blow up in the background (I’m bored of plague, let’s go with things that go boom for a little chachacha variation)… we’ll enjoy the total lack of virus and monsoons/hurricanes. Just keep the rubble dust out of my drink. And don’t blot out the sun. Keep the winds blowing away from the pool/beach. My base tan needs work. And yours gives a new definition to deathly pale.


Hey, everyone! Long time no see. I’m he Ping through a difficult highly symptomatic time bad enough that I’m on medical leave from work. Hopefully things get better soon. Doing intensive therapy through the VA as wee as individual therapy outside the VA, which is where I finally got a PTSD diagnosis. Hopefully the VA will come on board with that diagnosis soon.


Bob, my free range pet Lizard, pooped on my slipper again. I think that's his way of saying he's doing his job. I rarely see any bugs in my place, so, yes, he's been doing his job very well. I think he's a she, because I see signs of a smaller lizard too. Bobbette is a great name. I have to call the younger one Bobbie, I think.


I feel like a sinking ship. My 92 yr old MIL is loosing it and she is secretive in some ways that prevent me from helping. My husband is oblivious.
He talks more about what's to eat than about the future of his mom.