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Chat, check-in, and hang out

@Lionheart what are you doing for Thanksgiving this year, do you know yet? :)

I'm planning on cooking several items over the month as I'm able to, freezing them in my deep freezer, and thawing them in the fridge two or three days before it's time to chow down lol

I'm hoping that helps with my energy levels

I have no idea how you'd get here but I wouldn't be opposed to you trying, even if all you can eat is three bites of sweet potatoes and an ounce of turkey with gravy
Hi all -

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Checking in. I remembered to eat today. Also I did not stay in bed! Got up cleaned house. Even had my morning coffee. No nightmares last night. Focusing on my positive energy. I got a lot accomplished. Hopefully, the rest of the day will be just as good.
Fresh air is elite. I don't mind going out as long as the destination has nothing to do with crowds or clumps of people. Thankfully, I am in an area with several state parks around. Two of them are what the rangers consider to be hidden gems because the others hog the attention. They tend to be less crowded than the more popular ones; I do not mind it at all.
It's about the only thing we have. Anything special and I have to travel a minimum of two hours to get to. I honestly don't mind, though. I love driving, and it has become a fun and special way to treat the kiddo. Our goal is to try something new (food) every time we go and find a unique shop to adore. It is one of my favorite things, and I am super proud of how he has grown and broadened his perspective because of all the different experiences.
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Oh, that's an awesome thing to do! In winter (in the northern hemisphere) I feel like I often forget to go out and get some sunlight on me, at least lately.

Yet it's lovely just to read you enjoying getting out :D
Oh, that's an awesome thing to do! In winter (in the northern hemisphere) I feel like I often forget to go out and get some sunlight on me, at least lately.

I can relate! There isn’t much sunlight at the moment and it feels pointless to go out when it’s dark or cloudy.
My pet peeve is skiing trails. In this town all nice walking trails turn into ski routes in winter, and walkers are banned from them. In my suburb there is one path around lake which is very popular, since it’s the only trail inside the forest with nice views. In winter, the only option for walking are sidewalks. Surely there are more walkers than skiers and if cross-country skiing wasn’t a cultural monolith here, skiers could make do with one ski track instead if two, leaving the other for walking.

I guess it’s evident I’m not a skier.