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Current Weather

^^^And that's your summer weather?? Yuk!!
Also our winter weather! :wtf: Miserable damn place. I’d have moved a looooong ass time ago, if my custody agreement weren’t so super sucky.

:hilarious: My kid couldn’t wrap his head around the idea that I was (and AM) totally willing to move and set up in-state residence wherever he wanted to go to college. (You kick around with your friends, travel, stop off at “home” from time to time to let me know you’re alive & have clean clothes, etc. whilst I get 12 months of electric bills on record.) And I was just like DUDE. I’d move to Outer Mongolia at this point to get away from this coldly damp disaster. He’s spent most of his life here, so 4 seasons is outside his frame of reference.
Freezing overnight - below zero but only guessing.

Now full on sunshine. Makes me blink and screw up my eyes... it's too intense!

Brilliant blue sky, no breeze. It's nice to sit in the sun at the moment but it won't last. It's still cold inside the house. Getting a cuppa and migrating to my warm outside chair.
Today was brittle.... that's how I was feeling about it while I was outside. Freezing and cracking everything up... brittle. So icy cold & brilliantly clear blue sky. It's the middle of winter but still missing out on rain so if it doesn't rain we'll still be in drought.
It’s not that it’s hot out? It’s that it’s 40 degrees hotter out than it has been, or was yesterday.


It will do this for a few days, then drop back down to 50/10, then jump back up. Rinse lather repeat. For about 2 months. Then it will be 50/10 for most of the next 10 months.

So my skin is confused (Wait? Do we...sweat? It’s not actually hot out. Huh. Maybe we’ll try it. No. That’s silly. Try again. Nope. Huh. Put your hoodie back on, so we don’t have to think about it!!! Snicker..)... but my joints? Feel amaaaaazing :happy: My pain level has dropped 3 points.
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