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Here has also winds of past, probably mountains. I liked the mountains but hate mountain natives with passion.

If it weren't so cold outside it would be perfect biking weather and swimming weather. (Joys)

As it is now, it's just a running weather later the day, or something.
Wild, wily wind from the north pushing heat with it.
Trees down, branches straining, mountains broken.
September brings spring, storms and the last of the frosts, sleet and ice.
Buds, bees and new blushes of flowers coming through.


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I got up this morning on September 9th in Santa Fe to about 2" of snow on my car. I guess today is closer to winter than July 4th is and we had snow one year for the parade in central Oregon. Nevertheless, I do not approve.


Yes, @blackemerald1 summer was awesome. It was hot but I never complain about heat. I wait all winter for it. I don't know if this year was any better than previous years but with the rona we really enjoyed the outdoors. Biking, swimming, camping, kayaking, bonfires etc.

Some areas had flooding and we even had an earthquake a few weeks back.

Now it will be cold and rainy until it's cold and snowy. Yuck!


air quality has deteriorated 2 straight days now. fires are to the East and normally thats only bad for the people farther east, our typical windy day here is a push from the south or west. Change that to dry conditions, low humidity and a strong easterly wind and....we get once in a decade fire events and smoke. Towns I have been driving through and to my whole life are gone, they say. My daughters town is in a prepare to evacuate (level 2) condition but the air quality is horrific so they are here with us. Yesterday I awoke to blue sky above and a clear line of a smoke plume to my south, last night we were under the plume but could see blue sky to our north, tonight we are socked in and hunkering down. The fires are maybe fourty miles away but we have a layer of ash that looks like salt and pepper flakes on everything.
Having a history of fighting wildfires, I am getting little adrenaline bursts now and then. This time of year just a whiff of smoke and I have to investigate until satisfied, this year the smoke is inescapable and also frustratingly difficult to get good information on. I know it is miles away, but if it is from a new fire just a mile away, will I know the difference? hard to let the guard down, I want to take the night watch.