Current Weather

Snow again! Yay.. but perhaps very cold. Big bold black bands of clouds scooting in, swirling around and hurtling away. I love it. I love big weather. Fairly chilly so decided to spend my days cleaning out cupboards before it gets too hot to move.. ugh...


We're having great fall weather so far. The weekend was 75 and sunny. Rain yesterday. 65 and sunny today. The leaves are starting to change into beautiful colors.

Sunny and brisk.

(@Friday, you crack me up!!!)
Rain, beautiful rain - Woke up to wet and overcast day.

The weather bureau has declared a La Nina weather pattern. So briefly that means here in Aus., East Coast - (North and South) may receive more than normal rainfall, possibly more cyclones than usual too. It's a cyclic pattern that essentially means if we're getting more rain, somebody elsewhere isn't.

If you're interested: La Nina