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Current Weather

Today was a beautiful sunny, cold day. Very mid-winterish. Buds are swelling but somehow know to hang in there and wait. The sun is now noticeably lingering a little bit longer before dipping out of sight. The ground is still frozen and stubbornly hard.

Next week I'm going to try to plant some cherry trees. I love cherry trees! Gorgeous foliage, happy flowers & yummy fruit.
Heh, I got "The weather was humid, raining and hot, I on a fever, got cooold, back to shivering mess we go" weather.

Like. Dammit. Juust when I thought I have summer all figured out! I swear to something imma move either seaside or to the desert. Their summers I at least got. *inserts flailing over fishies and happy of waaves and normal wet & hot like any reasonable weatherpeople*
Now even my *weather* would be eebil prick... thanks, darkshine*. Priceless. :hilarious: *

*darkshine because duh. Sunshine I call Friday, and you're like sunshine too but *black*, so dark shine ;)

And my current one is sunny, windless, perfect sailing... perfect go back to bed, one. :sleep:
A mix of partly cloudy, then really f'n cloudy, with flash flood and tornado warnings, all while I was out driving back and forth to an appointment.

Grateful to have made it from point a to point b and back with no incidents, other than nerves being rapidly plucked.

Once I got home, I heard that a potential tornado touched down about 8 miles away from our house and left a trail of trees, debris, and power lines in the road.
Since I've moved it's been hot, damned hot, so hot we had to dunk the chickens, f*cking hot, not so hot and hot. Oh, and windy, super windy, and blow the chickens around windy. This is normal weather here.
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