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Beautiful weather. Clear skies, warm and comfortable. We have a couple of similar coming up and then a turn back to cool weather again. All good so long as there are no heat waves and bushfires I'm happy. :)
Woke to a grey day. It's showered o/night and temperature wise it's just mild.

Humidity does my head in - yesterday it was humid. I watched a magnificient weather front roll in from the south west. It was like watching molasses roll over the stars. Today the humidity is a little lower so less pressure inside my head.


I was out of town for roughly a week, and whilst it wasn’t below freezing? (Which is when I get all sparkly eyed and happy, and start shedding layers) It was dry. Even when it was raining. I’d forgotten what that was like. And not raining, full of bracing winds and blue skies.

I was completely happy/comfy in only 2 layers inside, and putting on a light coat to go outside.

It’s probably 20* degrees ‘warmer’ here, but instead of humidity in the teens, it’s humidity in the 90s as usual. S-s-so C-c-cold.

IDFK what the weather is actually doing, I’m too busy keeping my head down and ignoring it / trying to stay warm. In addition to my 5 usual indoor layers, I’ve added 3 scarves (1 around my neck, 1 figure-eight across my chest, 1 wrapped around my middle), hat, fingerless gloves, an extra bathrobe, and an extra blanket. Just for “walking” around inside the house. f*ckin’A. Not that I’m walking much. I’m mostly curled up in a ball tenting my blanket over a heat vent, willing it to blow warmed air at me in my human tent thing.

((for my badass Celsius peeps! 1.5 there, 10 here)


We're having a beautiful Fall. Warm temperatures and very sunny for the last week or so. (Cold and some snow prior to that) Today is calling for a high in the mid 70's and sun.

For November in Michigan this is out of the ordinary. We haven't had a "Indian Summer" like this in forever.

Currently it is 7 a.m. (and dark because of the stupid time change). Dark clouds and 58F. It's... Leary. Calm and cloudy don't usually mix. Looking forward to the afternoon. Currently 3 layers on top, heavy jeans and long man socks. 😉
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Big growling thunderstoms rolling by. Rain dropping straight down from black clouds. My dog is sitting on my feet under the table - clearly she can hear them.
Really hot day even though the sky was covered in silky grey clouds stretching to the horizon. Warm evening with a amazingly red sunset.

Thunderstorms tomorrow maybe... need something to cut through the humdiity & settle the dust.

Lots of spot fires about. Being jumped on very smartly by the brigade.