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Half cloud. Half fog. All wet.

Later that same day?

OMFG! There’s a “horizon”!!!

<cough> Okay. So there isn’t. But the clouds sank low enough that the forests and hills have disappeared into a solid sea of white, with blue skies above. I feel like I can breathe. It’s totally illusionary. But I’m still digging the hell out of it. It’s hard not to feel squished when you can never see more than apx 100’ in any direction, and often not more than 10’. Optical illusion happy skies with a horizon days away.
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Stupid hot. It doesn't help matters to check the actual temperature.

What is interesting is that we've hit a UV index of 11. Out of a possible...11 (cue Spinal Tapp discussion of how, when a max of 10 just doesn't cut it? Go for 11 instead, because that makes so much sense...*scratches head*).

So, basically, if you step outside, anticipate a melanoma. Day 1 of summer - fun times ahead:)


What is interesting is that we've hit a UV index of 11. Out of a possible...11
🎶 Blame Canada!!! 🎶

I’ve now got this song Stuck. In. My. Head. 🤣

(( Canadian Scientists came up with the scale. I’ve asked for it to be explained on several occasion in school and I’m preeeeeeeetty sure? All explanations are simply designed to f*ck with the asker. Which dovetails neatly with Canadian humor. The explanations that make the most sense, however, are it’s a plus or minus 1 Ten-Scale, so 11 is included as 10+1 & that anything past 10 is otherwise known as “youre f*cked”. So there’s no point in continuing past 11. It’s all the same. <<< Neither may be the real answer. So, personally? <singing loudly & off key> I blame Canada!!! ))


I’ve now got this song Stuck. In. My. Head.
It's an earworm - thanks for passing it on.
I've always wondered about the oddball sense of humour meteorologists seem to have ("Definitely prepare for storms, heavy rain and hail this afternoon" is a joke that seems to be a current favourite here, as we all melt through another ridiculously hot day without a drop of rain for miles...funny, not funny) It doesn't surprise me at all to learn that the Canadian ones are neck deep in the same type of humour as the Australian ones!
Despite a very chilly o/night temp & a cool start to the day - it's bloody beautiful!

Not much breeze, loads of sunshine & for the second day of Summer here - very mild indeed. The forecast is for cool weather too. So no complaints from me atm.