Current Weather

Freezing here today - well below 10 C. Sleet n rain battering the windows again. There's the feel of snow in the air too. Grey clouds, thundery looking clouds hanging about. Loving it.
Another wild day. The wind is rising and then dropping away quickly. I think it's blown itself out. The clouds and rain are hanging around though. It's cold enough for ppl to be lighting their wood fire heaters. I'm back into winter clothes too.


We have a demented woodpecker that’s been in love with my parents chimney for yeeeeeeears. He’s bound and determined, year after year, to make his home in “the warm tree”. He tries for about 8 months, then I think the idea strikes him to go get laid, and he leaves, then returns. He’s actually managed to create almost half a centimeter sized divot over the past 5 years. Which is impressive. Considering it’s effing heavy duty -almost pipe thick- metal. It’s not cast iron, but something similar / more sturdy. And his beak is still beak shaped.

He’s certainly not the only flicker that’s TRIED to create a home in the chimney, but most give up after a few days. Not him.

So I’m woken up in the middle of the night (which is not when these birds do their thing) by almost -but not exactly- the same noise.

Giant. Freaking. Red. Xmas. Bow.

That’s been blown off someone’s house in the lovely little bit of weather we’re having. Whose wire has gotten wrapped around one of the post thingmys. And is now ringing the chimney like a bell like a demented woodpecker.

Yeah. It’s a touch windy out.
Today was a re run of the first days of spring. Really cool over-night, taking most of the day to warm up and cooling down again just as quickly. Day-light saving tricks me a little but the weather isn't having it at all. Just a beautiful day.

Spent it tidying up my pantry so missed a great day for outside but still...


At 2:30 in the a.m., it is 33 degrees, but 2 days from now the high for the day is expected to be 20. So it is currently warmer than it will be Friday during the day. Brrrrr