Current Weather


@Friday, my brother visits from Georgia every Christmas and New Year. One day he says to me, " You do realize the Sun hasn't been out for 10 days, right"?. LOL. Good times.

The Sun is wondrous! 🌞
Enjoy it!
We have a bunch of rain coming our way.

Currently, 40F and windy.
They say it's spring but I call bull 💩.
It was almost a frost last night and yesterday a flurry of snow in the hills however like the showers that came and went too briefly they too didn't last. Two large Southerly changes blew in almost consecutively and chased the last hint of warmth from all the nooks and crannies. It's layering weather now even though the sun is shining brightly and there's barely a cloud to cover; it lacks oomph and there's a mischievous breeze with icy tones brushing by to make sure we know Autumn is here and Winter is trudging forward.

It's weather fronts like yesterday that remind me that we sit on the precipice of Antarctica and with the right wind direction it'll make sure we do not forget. :)


Today it’s sunny and warm and my wife and I together managed to get a giant air conditioner in one of the windows. One of the kids moved out of state and left us two. I couldn’t carry it upstairs by myself which was embarrassing and depressing but good because it’s a real big one. The last few days it blew so hard and it was so cold it was hard to believe. Spring in New England.
Snow on the hills and grey, grey, days. But everywhere else not a lot of precipitation. The old people say that there's no point in a break to Winter rains till Anzac day. That's today so I hope the rain maker is taking notice. :)


This week we enjoyed a typical spring in Michigan. Warm, cold, freezing, sunny, cloudy, rain, thunder storms, 3 inches of snow, fog!!, wind, 70 degrees, 30 degrees...

Currently it's 11 a.m with a "balmy" 37F and SUNNY. A high of 60 is expected.

Warmer temperatures and rain is in the forecast for next week. Perfect for planting your gardens. 🌞 🌺🍉🌽🍆🍅🌶🍓
Well it's warming up again during the day which is so weird because it is supposed to be getting colder. The nights are a few degrees Celsius but tomorrow we're hitting 20 and maybe even a little warmer. The sun is only at it's zenith for a few short afternoon hours but still I admire it's tenacity.

No rain, no rain, no. rain. Farmers are sowing into dry soil. As always optimistic that the rains will come.

And a super moon tonight... big beautiful, slightly reddish tinge but incredibly bright!