Current Weather

Well it's a land of 'flooding rains' as our national anthem says? And to be sure that's what it's doing right now!

Glorious rain has been falling for several days in some places and major floods and inundation are imminent. Particularly along the New South Wales coast line and western Sydney.

Rescues are going on, dams are full or spilling and people are being evacuated and the emergency services are on full alert and working hard. The news is full of houses floating down rampaging waterways, people driving into murky water...sigh.... weather/rain tornados, monsoonal depressions and tropical depressions are all heading for the eastern seaboard as if being drawn by some ancient call.

It was a good day to catch up on research and watch it all come down. More is coming and that's all right by me though I'm sure some people have had enough. I knew there was a reason the ants were running frantically around and I decided to ring the roof/spout cleaning company a few days ago.

But the weather is so mild, not cold so more rain will be coming I forecast. :)
Amazing weather. Beautiful sunny days but neither hot nor cold - just right for me being that I'm very goldilocks about the weather.

Over-night the temperature dropped to perfect sleeping weather and rose again to make it comfortable to walk around with just socks and one layer of clothes for most of the day. Love it!


Lil stormy.

Lots of low flying jets trying to get visual as soon as they cross the mountain range, and then ATC is popping them back up in it as soon as they cross into our airspace. Is creating an odd series of sounds and lights. Like they’re playing leapfrog? Down, brake, up. Down, brake, up. Down, brake, up. Lights bobbing, engines screaming, breaks whining, engines growling. Planes in the clouds, or lightning? Hmmm. Plane, plane, plane, lightning. Snicker. Reminds me of the kids game... Neko Neko Inu.


It appears to be WindsDay. On a Sunday.



The lake looks like a Faerie Court... As it’s inky black from the storm, with alternating bands of frosty marbled white, as each new band of hail churns the surface to foam. Framed by the golden lights of houses in the black hills, the brilliant white lightning strikes melding with turquoise transformers blowing. Fog wreathing through the forest, and flowing down the hills like waterfalls.

Pretty,.. from the vantage of wrapped up in warm blankets, under cover, with whiskey and a full belly.

Some of what almost sounds like thunder are unmistakably vehicle crashes on the ice slick roads. Sirens are noticeably absent, or long delayed. Miles and miles away, the sounds carrying over the water.

Not an afternoon to be out in.