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The crows are booking it north at full speed, not stopping at their usual gathering places to fly together, nor to harass the eagles or to feed the injured or unlucky whilst they wait ...instead of a few minutes of thousands of black wings across the sky -the east shore mirroring the west- in near silence as each rally point lifts one after the other to join the next? An hour long -loud as hell- stream of 2s 3s 5s 11s... stretching for miles right down the center lake that they near never fly over. Calling to everyone in hearing distance to get the f*ck out, and get out now, to join them.

Storm from the south must be coming, and a bad one.

Salty air & gulls inland says its coming from the sea.


right on the 45th parallel and we are just now getting relief from an ice storm that has damaged many trees. The power in my area has been out a lot but the worst so far has only been around ten hours. 3/4 of an inch of ice on everything will do that. I was out yesterday just driving the roads since they were safe again and I saw more birch trees that had lost limbs or split than any other type, second was probably oak that tended to lose large limbs that didn't bend with the weight or in some cases the whole tree came over. Ornamental (Japanese) Maples did better, firs and especially cedars seemed to have handled it especially well.
I have daffodils blooming in a raised bed flower box surrounded by broken off limbs and detritus from the oak tree they shelter under. Last night the ice was falling off in foot-long cylinders and landing on the roof, we now know that our loving and friendly labs can and will sound an alarm and remain vigilant for hours even after being assured it would be OK to go back to sleep by the woodstove. Yea. Good dogs.


It's -3 here now. My Amoxicilian made me feel better. I was getting strep/ sinus infection pretty fast. My doc that knew that about me and would prescribe me some Amoxicillin in advance, died of CoronaV in June.