Current Weather


So it is the flattest, dampest, most boring, of grey drizzly days here... and my sister just LIGHTS up and declares how pretty it is out. I look at her, tilt my head, & say...

“That’s your first cup of coffee today, isn’t it?”
“How’d you know???”

🤣 Not that the caffeine is sending star spangled spasms of delight to your brain, or anything, chica.
Right now the temp is touching the mid 40's C. (113 f) - Gale force winds from the West gusting over 100 km p/h. Bushfire alerts blowing up my phone... hmmm Well it's almost the end of January so I'm sure Feb will be a hot blast too & then sweet, snuggly cool weather will start. I love temperate weather but the extremes are difficult to deal with at times.
Torrential rain. Flooding major and minor and apparently more of the same on the way. La Nina is deteriorating and on the way out though it's tail will lead into wet winter.
Beautiful day - around 24 C. (75 f) maybe it's just wishful thinking but there's a whisper of autumn in the air already. Right now I could do with a little bit more sunshine to dry out. I'm a goldilocks weather-wise I know...