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NOT raining!!! Not raining ALL day!!!

😎 Didnt exactly see the sun, but there were some breaks in the clouds, so not oooooooooonly not raining but glorious life affirming light. For hours and hours. Almost feels like summer with lift from 8am to 5pm, instead of 10-3.
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It's freezing here. Strong southerly change after heat wave conditions - slosh/slush/snow? on the mountains. Big storms rolling in, knocking the stuffing out of everything not bolted down & leaving just as promptly. Lots of fires around me... it couldn't all be dry lightning strikes.. hmmm.


We are having a biggish storm but not a winter storm. It was still dark an hour ago and there was a flash of lightning and a thunder clap. I ran out and got the flag in lol, the prow of the ship. Now hopefully we will weather the storm. It’s windy, no doubt about that but it’s coming ashore I think so it’s warm here. Up along the Canadian border and other points to the west and north they’ll have a big snow storm.