Current Weather


Winter storm warning is now winter weather advisory so now I should worry. When they say it’s a nothing, make sure you have the shovels ready. Looks like mostly rain. The weather is ghastly, cold and wet.


Cold and wet but warming and winter never really came. It was mild. March is just around the corner and the trees will start to flush a little. Almost spring. I’m not ready lol.


Super sweaty, hot and humid morning and then massive downpour and cool down. La Nina, I love you.

It was the coldest summer I've ever experienced, up here on the nth coast of nsw.

Excuse me if I'm a little sceptical about the "global warming" climate alarmists predictions.

Science is about facts not "consensus".

And you have to be a very special, multi disciplinary ecologist, Astrophysicist (the type that study the sun-earth-climate links) or palentologist/ geologist( the type who study earth warming and cooling cycles through looking at geological phenomena) to have an inkling about changes in the climate , and how, why, and when those changes have occurred.

Other types of "climate change" are local and regional and happen through things like chopping down (and not replacing) too many trees (thus increasing droughts, floods and more dramatic temperature fluctuations, locally) and building heating concrete cities.

It's more evident that we are, currently, in the midst of a cooling phase, a mini "ice age", if you will, brought on by our now age "Grand Solar Minimum".


I know the weather patterns around here just a BIT too well...

Fogbank appears out of nowhere at predawn? Will be a sunny morning, if/when the fog burns off (not guaranteed) and a rainy afternoon.

Also means the start of spring-esque. Our “sunniest” weather all year... if one means days containing sunshine, rather than days without rain. Either mornings or afternoons will have sunshine until the 2nd week of May.

If it’s pouring rain when one wakes up? Make afternoon plans outside.
If it’s sunny in the morning? Hit the showers and get out fast, it will be miserable by noon.

^^^ The only time of year you can count on consistency, this part of “spring”. Yes, it will rain, and rarely be above 50F / 10C, but for at least 3 or 4 hours there will ALSO be sun 🌞 ☀️ In august/September we might have whole days without rain, or might not. But spring-ish spring? Sun for at least 3+4 hours is the next best thing.