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If I had a swimming pool I’d be in heeeeeaven!!!


But I ALSO fetched -against imperial decree- my 2 little bedroom air conditioners from storage. ❄️

So instead of 110 out, and 125 in? (PNW houses are built for shite, for the most part. Freaking sieves. Cold in the winter, and hot in the summer.). It’s a nice cool 85 -and dropping- in the couple places in the house I blocked off with thermal blankets. AKA The basement, because the lot of us can pile in to sleep, & kitchen/dining room... because food & getting something/anything done indoors.

Her Imperial Majesty, Queen of the World, Lady of All Things Irrational can bitch all she pleases when she comes back from vacation about her “no air conditioners in MY home” rule. Assuming the heatwave is still on, and I haven’t nipped them back out, again. 😉
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f*cking beyond stupid hot. I just hosed down my dog. No air conditioners although I've made a swamp cooler. Ice coolers in the guinea pig cage. Worried about the cat that's hiding. The other one is in the path of the swamp cooler


The other one is in the path of the swamp cooler
If you’ve got an el cheapo styrofoam cooler? You can make a cold-bed for cats. Some ice packs -or frozen water bottles- to slow the frozen meat (or any other slow defrosting thing) as a middle layer, another layer of frozen water bottles to make it mostly flat (or zip locked bags of ice), and a thin towel or thick pillowcase. Will stay frozen in 100 degree heat all day.

Even just a box, with a layer or three of frozen bottles, will stay cool for 4-5 hours.

I swear... if I ever get a cat on purpose? I’m getting a Turkish swimming cat. Dogs are sensible about heat & the ways to escape it. Most Cats? Not so much.