Current Weather


So it's 109 here by digital thermometer on my back porch. My chocolate English Orpington was almost in heat stroke so I brought her in and put her in the large dog water bowl. She sat there for over 15 minutes and her breathing got back down to panting. I now have her in an xl dog crate in my cottage. I gave her some frozen strawberries and lots of water. The others are surviving ok.


Today: 88F ("feels like 95F") 55% humidity. No breeze at all. A/C is on the fritz so we have fans blasting and using ice packs to cool down, which is surprisingly helpful. 🥵

Over the weekend we had the occasional thunder storms roll through. Lots of flooding. More than 4 feet of standing water on the highways. Some places got hit hard. Homes damaged. A tornado touched down about 25 miles North of us.

Now I hear thunder in the distance. Another storm is a brewin'.


We are headed there later this week and I'm the same @DharmaGirl. Ever since I developed Addison's its been really bad. Losing the stuff I can't hold onto like salt = bad.

How to tell your cat is old? 98 F and she's yelling at me because I turned the window shaker in the bedroom on and shes cold.....


More storms coming through. The thunder is crazy loud and rumbles for quite a while. It woke J up a couple times last night and he thought it was bombs going off. Scared the 💩 out of him.

I hope y'all are cooling off a little bit!


we broke records here two days in a row. I am on the 45th parallel and my home weather station all-time high is now 2 degrees higher than the all-time high in Las Vegas Nevada.
I didn't want AC when we built, my contractor said I would and put in refrigerant lines for free while the walls were still open but only if I promised he would get the call if we changed our minds, he was a wise man, I would feel like an idiot right about now if I hadn't called him the next time we could afford the expense.
@Friday - having a pool is nice, you bet, but like anything else you have to learn it to really get anything out of it. lesson one: Sunburn happens!


It’s been hotter than hell here the last 3 days, temps around 95 - 100 f. A pretty good thunderstorm just blew through. First big one of the season. Mostly this time of day, late afternoon. It’s exciting and can be scary depending on the severity, but the bark is worse than the bite, usually, thank goodness.