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Hovering around 100 F and haven't even seen a cloud in days. At least we had a breeze yesterday. Usually get thunderstorms when its like this and it will cool off pretty quick but no clouds no thunder...


Swimming pools were the only thing I did for any length of time. I owned a service company for 10 years. If you have one I. The yard it’s another job and a big one. If the pools not perfect for 4th of July, somebody’s gonna be real hot lol.


Back in my day nobody had air conditioning. We always had a pool though. At night we would take a dip and lay in bed wet hoping to stay cool long enough to fall asleep. We had one fan, well, mom and dad had one fan, and some nights we would all end up in their bedroom fighting for air. Lmao.

Currently 6:40 a.m. 66F and a high of only 74F today. It's bloody wonderful.


Back in my day nobody had air conditioning

But the houses were built for it.

- Southern California had thick Adobe walls, vaulted ceilings, and cold tiles floors.
- South Carolina had raised houses, verandas, porches, breezeways, fans.
- Farm Country Illinois had farmhouses with the little tiny rooms blocked off to insulate the big breezy rooms (opposite in winter, snug as a bug, practical to the Nth, farmhouses), and wide shady veranda like porches, cool cellars.
- SE Asia (jungle) were built in the tropical style; low/flat/wide with cool tatami or cold thick wood/tile floors (and beds laid upon them!) with sliding doors/walls, to catch every breeze, and ceiling gaps to let all the rising heat out, so the breezes stayed but the heat left.
- Middle East had SoCal Adobe-like (mud brick of some kind) day spaces, and flat roofs to sleep on, or built around interior shaded planted courtyards blowing cold mist to bedrooms/living spaces open to them.
- Southern Italy used thick cold stone (or stone lined rubble fill) and vaulted ceilings and courtyards, free water everywhere

Living in the PNW the past few days has been like being the kid who lost the coin toss and had to go fetch the whatever from the shed... hotter than hell, soaked sweaty the moment the blast of hot air hits as the door opened, worse inside, dirty, choking dry throat, gritty eyes, scalded hands. 🤣 I’d all but FORGOTTEN about that, until this week. 10-25 degrees hotter IN than out.
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It’s gone from almost 100 to almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We got a heavy onshore wind today and depending I might even get the surfboard out tomorrow.