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Windy, windy, windy. But I like it. I've been enjoying the quiet, obsidian-dark evenings, with clear skies outside my window. I used to live by one of the Great Lakes, and in winter I'd go out to the harbour front and stand on the rocks and look out at the vastness. There's an angle I can stand at in my living room where I can almost replicate that winter vastness.

Anyway. It's windy outside ;)


Oh man, I am freezing. It is 30 degrees outside but feels like 25 degrees and I swear I think it is actually colder inside. The problem I am having is that this new apartment has baseboard heaters and each room has it's own thermostat, but I can't tell what temperature I have each one set at (my eyes are kinda bad without glasses).

So, I had to put my shoes on because the floor is so cold and earlier, the cold woke me up from a "dead" sleep. But I have coffee and one small space heater so I suppose I will be alright but I need to invest in a larger space heater or two. Brrrrrr


6 F (-14 C) and sunny with windchill of -6 F (-21 C). There must be an arctic high waiting to slide down as the forecast shows lows around -15 F (-26 C) midweek.


Shite. That is cold.
It's not bad. -40 is bad. Mostly because it doesn't matter which scale you measure on F or C its still -40.

Today its 0 F (-18 C) cold grey flat light, snow. Tonight -18 F (-28 C). supposed to warm to single digits above 0 F after today. Looks like that big low pressure system @Friday's been enjoying is finally moving east so its not sucking arctic cold down on us after today.


Its like 1pm and it feels like the sun is going down. It's been dark and cloudy for three days. It's cold. These are the shortest days of the year in our hemisphere, and it just makes me want to stay in bed.


It’s drying out, a little bit.

Been raining melted snow for weeks, on top of fog/mist/drizzle and general squelch. With the humidity down to the 80s, all the wet is less bog of eternal decay. Huzzah evaporation.

My lungs still aren’t fond of me, but I can smoke less, as I don’t need to be drying them out as much.