Current Weather


It’s freezing . The heats been off a month or so and it’s nice and cold in the house . It’s hot ashore . All month we’ve had onshore flow and sometimes, like yesterday, pretty heavy wind . That means a half hour or a couple towns inland it’s in the eighties and here at the beach, the low sixties .


We had a hot snap ninety plus over the weekend and I need to pull my window ac and make it drain so I had no ac no white noise fan last night, wasn’t terrible. Now it’s a cold snap, wind came around off the ocean this morning and temps will fall today into the fifties .


Junuary is off with a BANG! 🥶


Thunder, lightning, hail, ice, driving rain, slashing rain, heavy rain, galloping rain, sloshing rocking rain, choruses of rain, bursts of icy drizzle, blowing drizzle, settling drizzle, mist, fog, freezing fog, ice.

And, of course, the accompanying car alarms.

Looks like it’s a series of storms blowing through over the next few weeks, as the forecast has most of the next 2 weeks hovering above freezing all the way on up to the 50s… but… also a few days in the 70s & 80s. Speaks to it being a lively month of kissing goodbye to Fallspring, rather than a filthy slog of cold, grey, wet boredom. So there’s that.