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Current Weather

It's been "nice" winter weather (minus single digits for daytime highs) this week. Gonna cool off though as the storm @DharmaGirl mentioned goes by just south of us and sucks colder weather down on top of us.
Should be -22C (-8F) by tonight and hang around the -teens C( 0 F) for a couple days, then back to daytime highs near freezing.
winds came and made drifts of leaves up against my fences, tore the top off of a popup shelter i would have had stowed if i could walk outdoors. Got a spare, actually spares. wind has died, rain has slowed, now we face cold. this time next week i will be putting up a new pop up unless it is too damn cold.
Cloudy and overcast. 44 degrees Farenheight. rain on and off for the last 3 days. But the sun is going to shine tomorrow, which is awesome because I strongly dislike the dark gloomy, dreary days of winter.
Warmed up (relatively speaking) last week but back to cold (-27C/-17F) through midweek and back to -9C/16F by next weekend.

Need space in the Freezer for Christmas ? Easy. Got one outside the back door......
F@#$ing cold.....-34 C/-29 F, -47 with wind chill (If you know C and F - -40 is the same in both)

One more day and this is supposed to move east...... If you live east of here and get "Alberta Clippers" etc. Get your thermal underwear out.........If you live near the great lakes ...good luck shovelling......