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@Friday, I would never come to town and not tell you. Who would teach me to catch fish in the roads??

Sadly this grey is normal for this time of year. Most days we don't see the sun until it's time for it to set. When it finally gets below the cloud. Didn't see it very much this week.

Today was a little brighter but colder. 32F. Along Lake Saint Clair and the Detroit River. It was very calm and people were fishing.


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Windy rainy beach. Walking north into it was quite a workout. The down coat below My knees gets like a heavy wet sail. 2 way zipper helps and rain pants. Keeping it to about an hour we get home just before we start to soak through.

It’s balmy except for the breeze. 44 F and sunny. We walked on the hill a couple blocks over so, twice the exercise in half the time. In theory anyway. Suns out first time in a week and some snow on the grass.
I’ve been meaning to say it hasn’t been winter yet where we are. Yesterday however the ground hog saw his shadow, an older superstition here or joke really that means six more weeks of winter. We all laugh but the jokes on us. The forecast temperature for this evening with the wind chill is 30 degrees F below zero.
The kind of roaring east coast rain that means I can sit outside on the deck, curled up in a sleeping bag, with my tablet and watch a film… and not have to wear earphones. Even shouting can’t be heard more than a few feet away.

Hope you are prepped for the cold snap FJ!!!

& @ any East Coasters in general: Anyone who lives in the East Coast and in some parts of Southern USA please take care of yourselves. At -40 (in places like Maine and New Brunswick it's expected to hit -55 degrees C). That weather is life-threatening, with distal limbs developing frostbite in minutes of exposure.

You should start titrating your heat now so that when low temps hit, your dwelling will be equalized and thus reduce the risk of pipes bursting. If you lose power, gather your family together in one room and seal off the ventilation. (Do not light fires or use burn fuel in this room.) Your bodies will generate heat. You can also insulate using newspaper and cardboard between layers of clothing.

That's all I got for new folkies. The earth, is on fire, we don't need no water let the motherf*cker burn... 🤪